DocuExpert is the best AI based Software Solution for Document Review, Document Processing and Document Automation. Use a free trial and see ROI within an hour of deployment.

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The World’s Leading
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Document Review and Workflow Management Platform

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DocuExpert Best AI based Document Review, Processing, Automation Software

How Do You Extract business critical information from unstructured documents?

DocuExpert Best AI based Document Review, Processing, Automation Software

Before DocuExpert

DocuExpert Best AI based Document Review, Processing, Automation Software

After DocuExpert

DocuExpert is one of the Best AI based Document Review, Processing, Automation Software. It is an end-to-end analytical software solution that provides precise summarization and highlighting of critical information present in large documents thereby reducing high cost and time involved in manual inspection of documents. It uses AI, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval Algorithms, Big Data resulting in a robust and scalable solution. 

Precise extraction, highlighting and synopsis of critical information, and a consumer-centred approach are the primary reasons why Summarizer is the preferred and most trusted document reviewer & workflow management software platform for the world’s leading brands dealing with large volumes of documents in heterogeneous file formats  

Stop Slogging. Let DocuExpert do the work for you. 

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Current Business Challenges:

Current Business Challenges:

DocuExpert Best AI based Document Review, Processing, Automation Software

Current Business Challenges:


Quantitative Sentences

Affirmative Sentences

Location, Date & People Names

Language Variations

Interactive Search


Workflow Management

Summary of Keywords & Sentences

Handwritten Sections


Grouping of Similar Documents


Grouping of Similar Pages

Fraud Detection


Sentiment Analysis



These are the standard features of DocuExpert.  We can augment additional features and customize a solution for your specific requirement.

who is DocuExpert for?

DocuExpert, an AI and a Big Data powered software platform, is designed for professionals who need to go through vast documents on a daily basis to make faster and effective business decisions.

Why Choose Us?

Technologies Behind DocuExpert

Data Security

We understand your data security requirements and ensure that we keep it safe and well protected. Summarizer abides by all digital data protection norms and is GDPR compliant in its data storage policy. Data need not even leave your computers if you intend to process hundreds of documents per day. If you need scalability in document processing, Summarizer can store your data in your secure cloud accounts. 

Unleashing Innovation

We have used the most cutting-edge next generation technologies to build a robust and scalable product. 

Consumer obsessed

DocuExpert is built to deliver client-centric solutions after precisely analysing customer requirements.

Our Clients

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